"It all started in 2004, when I read the fine print of my son's convertible car seat manual: 'Remove coat before seating your child in the car seat.  Wearing a coat puts a child at risk for ejection in a crash.'  I wanted to keep him safe, but the coat-on, coat-off routine was enough to keep us indoors till spring!

After weeks of prototyping and testing, I invented the Car Seat Poncho.  It received enthusiastic praise wherever we went, both for its design and its cuteness.  Again and again, I was urged to produce them for sale.  By the end of that winter, we were working with a top-notch apparel factory and had a web store up and running.  

Since 2004, a lot has changed: the 'no coat in the car seat' guideline is now common knowledge; the Car Seat Poncho has received rave reviews from safety experts, health care providers, media celebrities, moms, dads, and grandparents; and kids everywhere are safe and warm in their Car Seat Ponchos."

Donna Eng is a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician and the founder/CEO of H Barry Boo, LLC.  She has an extensive background in market research and advertising.  Before becoming a mom, she spent many years traveling across the country conducting focus groups among all types of consumers, from moms and teens and children to high tech executives and VP's of Fortune 500 companies.
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