Deciding Which Size to Buy:

Your child’s height (rather than weight) determines what size you should purchase.

Choose SMALL if:
Your child is now shorter than 33 inches.

Your child is 33 inches or taller.

Do this simple TEST:
Stand your child in front of you and measure 19” straight down from the front of his or her collar.  If the end point of that 19 inch length is nearer your child’s shoe tops than to his or her knees, choose the SMALL.  If it is closer to (or at) your child’s knees, choose the MEDIUM/LARGE.  

Wherever that 19” ends is where the poncho’s bottom zipper pull will be.  On a Medium/Large, the poncho’s hem will be that length around the ENTIRE poncho.  

  • Some parents ask if they should just get the Medium/Large regardless of their child’s current height, so that they can get most use from one poncho.  We tell them that is a personal, parental choice and that there is no safety disadvantage to doing so.
  • Keep in mind that the Medium/Large will be a lot of fabric surrounding a baby or young toddler, which could make it 1.) less convenient for you; and 2.) harder for a baby or toddler to maneuver his or her hands out from underneath the poncho when out and about (e.g., to hold your hand walking through the parking lot or to touch something in a store).  View this slideshow to compare Small and Medium/Large ponchos.
  • To prepare your baby or toddler (shorter than 33 inches) for a Medium/Large poncho, read Question 6 on the FAQ.

H  o  m  e

Photo Gallery

View pictures of real kids wearing Small and M/L Car Seat Ponchos.
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