The Rave Reviews Continue...
"It's a great product and people should know that it certainly isn't any less warm than a winter jacket would be. Warmer than a winter coat, in fact, because I don't have to take it off at all!"
Lucy, Saskatchewan, CANADA

"The ponchos are so great!  They are especially helpful for us since coats were (notice I said 'were') such a huge pain for us to deal with.  The ponchos will cause a major stress reduction in this house, that's for sure.  We are so thankful to you for rescuing us from our dreaded winters."
Sincerely (from all ten of us),
Kate Gosselin
"Jon & Kate Plus 8"

"I absolutely love our Car Seat Poncho!  As a mother of a special needs toddler, a coat just wasn't an option.  Now we don't have fits when we have to get in the car!"
Nancy, Knoxville TN

"I love the fact that I can just unzip it and she is free, instead of torturing her with coat sleeves.  I also love that I don't have to constantly change the car seat straps depending on how heavy her coat is.  It is just so much safer!"
Bridget, Summit NJ

"My daughter would not let me put on her coat, but the poncho is great.  There is no fighting when going out the door!"
Mary Ellen, Philadelphia, PA

"Our twins love them, and will often run over to us so that we can throw them over their heads before we go out.  It makes life SO much easier.  Thank you!"
Andrea & Roger, Linwood NJ

"We love it.  My son actually cried when I had to take it off.  We have already gotten compliments on it.  It was so much easier getting him into the car with it!"
Jeanelle, Philadelphia PA

"This is such a wonderful, safe idea -- much easier than putting my son's jacket on backwards in his car seat. It's enough of a challenge to get a 10-month old in his jacket the right way!"
Kelly, Carmel, NY

"It's so practical and easy to use.  What else can a stay-at-home Dad ask for?  Not to mention it also makes me look like I know how to dress my daughter well!"
Matt, Long Hill NJ

"It is great! I have used it with my grandson and I love it!" 
Pamela, Child Passenger Safety Technician, Stone Ridge, NY

"I just HAD to email you back and attach pictures of our daughter in her AMAZING Car Seat Poncho!!!! She has been wearing it since Tuesday and has gotten a compliment EVERY where we have gone out, about how adorable it is and what a great concept!!! You are a life saver! Thank you so much for this amazing product and the speedy delivery!!! I'm telling everyone I know about this poncho. Thanks again!  
Amber, Moline IL

"My son won't let me put him in his snowsuit, but he LOVES his Car Seat Poncho!"
Rhonda, Cortland Manor NY

"My daughter, now 18 months old, prefers her poncho to her other winter coats.  The other day, she slept in the car while we were picking up her older sisters.  If it hadn’t been for the poncho, she definitely would have woken up, because it was so cold.  She snuggled into the poncho so well and was so warm, the cold never woke her!"
Kerrie, Maplewood, NJ

"I love it, and so does my daughter.  Thumbs up!  I’ll definitely want another poncho when she grows out of this one!"
Rochelle, Hope AR

"I just wanted to let you know that I received the poncho in the mail yesterday.  It is absolutely beautiful!  I tried it on my daughter immediately.  I'm going to start spreading the work on how great these ponchos are.  I'm definitely planning to buy the next size as soon as she outgrows the Small.  Thanks again!"
Katie, Chicago IL

"The Car Seat Poncho has completely replaced my daughter's winter coat!"
Dianne, Springfield NJ

"Thank you for the Car Seat Poncho!  What a great product!  My daughter loves it – even when she is not in the car!"
Laura, Edison NJ

"We love our poncho!  Our little girl is too cute in it and it really does do the trick!"
Heather, Maplewood NJ

"Wow!  Your invention is great!  I was just thinking that your daughter is getting too long for her Bundle Me and here comes your genius poncho in the mail! I really think it is a genius idea and such a simple one, too!"
Serena, Jersey City NJ

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