H  o  m  e

S  a  f  e  t  y

R  a  v  e  R  e  v  i  e  w s


"I assure you it is worth every penny, and even hubby now agrees.
The quality is so much better than anything I could have made myself!”
Rachael, Detroit MI

"It makes getting in and out of the car seat so much easier. 
It was worth every single penny I paid for it."
Deanna, Rushville IL

"It's made so well. My 67-year old grandma -- who loves to pick apart everything, couldn't stop gushing about how well it was made!"
Jami, Kensett IA

"This is the best product I have ever bought for my 18-month old. 
Now that it is so much easier to get her in and out of the car, 
while keeping her warm, I didn't think twice about going out." 
Hilary, Pittsburgh PA

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