The Car Seat Poncho is a piece of outerwear intended for a child who rides in a convertible car seat, that provides for a more secure fit in the convertible car seat by eliminating the need for a child to wear a coat in his/her convertible car seat.  Use The Car Seat Poncho only for its intended purpose.

NOT intended for use by children who cannot hold up their own heads.
Important Information
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NOT intended for use by a child who does not meet the minimum requirements for a convertible car seat.
NOT intended for use with an infant sling carrier, infant front/hip carrier, infant/toddler frame/backpack carrier, toddler/child booster seat, stroller, pram, carriage or child seat attached to an adult’s bicycle.
NOT intended for use by a child riding a bicycle, tricycle, scooter, skateboard or wagon.
NOT intended for use as sleepwear.
NEVER leave your child unattended when using the Car Seat Poncho TM.
Do NOT allow your child to become overheated.  When necessary, the zipper of the Car Seat Poncho can be adjusted to allow your child greater comfort.
ALWAYS follow the instructions from your convertible car seat’s manufacturer.
CHECK to ensure that all buckles and straps of the convertible car seat are secure before driving.
ENSURE proper positioning of the child in the car seat at all times.
KEEP all instructions for future reference.
Failure to follow instructions or any warning may result in DEATH or serious injury to the child.
The Car Seat Poncho is patent pending.  All text and images used on this website and on any packaging, labeling or promotional materials are the copyright of H Barry Boo LLC.

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