1.      How do I use the Car Seat Poncho?

2.     Can my child use the Car Seat Poncho with any type of car seat?

3.     How do I choose the correct size poncho for my child?

4.     Can the Car Seat Poncho be used when the car seat is rear-facing?

5.     Winters are COLD where we live!  Will the Car Seat Poncho keep my child warm?

6.    My child has some special needs.  Is the Car Seat Poncho a good choice?

7.    What is your return policy?

8.    How can I buy by credit card?

9.     How do I send the Car Seat Poncho as a gift?

10.     Do you ship to Canada or overseas?

11.     Any other important legal things I need to know?


1.   How do I use the Car Seat Poncho?
To use the Car Seat Poncho, dress your child in the poncho before you leave the house (the easiest way is to lower the top zipper sevearl inches and pop the poncho over your child's head and then raise the zipper back up for coverage and warmth).  

Carry or walk your child to your vehicle, and as you place your child in the seat, drape the back of the poncho over the top of the car seat and around the sides.  

Pull the zipper open from the bottom to access the car seat harness.  Fasten the harness as directed by the car seat's manufacturer, then pull the zipper closed.  

As the temperature inside your vehicle increases, the top zipper can be lowered to keep your child from overheating.  When you reach your destination, reverse the process and lift your child out of the car seat (still warm and wearing the poncho).  For step by step pictures, click here Return to top.

2.   Can my child use the Car Seat Poncho with any type of car seat?
The Car Seat Poncho is intended for use with any car seat that is equipped with a 5-point harness or the 5-point harness mode of a combination car seat. If you choose to use the Car Seat Poncho with an infant (portable) car seat, you must make sure that the poncho does not interfere with the motion of the carrying handle or the insertion of the seat into its base. Also, care must be taken to ensure that the poncho does not become entangled in moving or non moving objects inside or outside the vehicle.  

Our product works wonderfully with car seats that have SIP (side impact protection headwings). Just open the top zipper an extra inch or two and spread the hood around the SIP wings. 

The Car Seat Poncho cannot be used with overhead shield models, over-the-head 3-point harnesses, Y-harnesses or belt-positioning booster seats (high back or backless).

Always follow your car seat manufacturer's  height and weight restrictions for your child's specific model convertible car seat.  Return to top.

3.   How do I choose the correct size poncho for my child?
The Car Seat Poncho is available in SMALL and MEDIUM/LARGE.  Height is the best way to choose size. 

If your child is shorter than 33 inches, choose the SMALL.  If he or she is taller than 35 inches, the MEDIUM/LARGE is the better choice.  Those in between 33" and 35" can wear either size, although a MEDIUM/LARGE would probably get at least 2 seasons of wear, maybe even more.  

For more detailed instructions about sizing (including pictures), click here.  Return to top.

4.    Can the Car Seat Poncho be used when the car seat is rear-facing?
Absolutely, positively!  The Car Seat Poncho's is especially convenient when you are fastening your child rear-facing.  When you open the zipper and move the front panels to each side, you have total access to your child's harness, with no bulky coat in the way. 

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends rear-facing children to the manufacturer's maximum height and weight limits of their specific model car seat, for at least two years  Return to top.

5.    Winters are COLD where we live.  Will the Car Seat Poncho keep my child warm?
With two layers of 400-weight fleece, the Car Seat Poncho is very warm -- like wrapping two thick blankets around your child.  It is specifically designed for use during regular, everyday trips -- to school, to the grocery store, to play dates, etc.  In short, the type of trip where children are going into the car, sitting in their car seats, and then going directly from the car to an indoor location.  If you and your child are going to spend an extended period outdoors -- like at the playground or on a long winter walk, bring a regular puffy coat to keep your child warmer once you get there.  To read what moms in extreme winter climates have to say about the Car Seat Poncho, click here.  Return to top.

6.   My child has some special needs.  Is the Car Seat Poncho a good choice?
Some children with sensory integration issues may express initial reservations about wearing a poncho instead of a coat.  A few moms called to tell us that their children got upset when the poncho was put over them, or that they "couldn't find their hands."

In addition to those with SI considerations, some moms told us their children expressed hesitation about the poncho between the ages of 9 months and 18 months, the range when object permanence, separation anxiety, and the "terrible twos" can start.  (In our opinion, "terrible twos" is a total misnomer, because the stubborn-ness and drama usually start way before the second birthday).  Even minor decisions can turn into major battles.

After a week or so with the poncho, almost all of these moms reported that their children became happy and enthusiastic poncho wearers.  Based on these moms' experiences, as well as our own, we have collected some helpful suggestions:

  • Encourage Familiarity:  Before putting the poncho on your child for the first time, let your child get to know the garment.  Let him or her unfold it, inspect it, play with it, use it as a cape or a blanket.  This will give your child a sense of ownership and trust.  If you purchased or received a matching hat, wearing that first for a day or so should pave the way for the poncho soon after.
  • Gradual Introduction:  The first few times your child wears the poncho, you might want to put it on more like a cape:  open the zipper completely, separating the left and right sides, and lay the poncho on your child's shoulders.  Then, zip the zipper as you would for a regular jacket.  Your child will see that the poncho goes easily on and off, that it opens and closes, and that it is not permanent.  (Make sure the zipper insertion pin is completely clicked into the zipper "slot" before you pull it up, so that the zipper teeth stay in sync.)
  • Help them "find their hands":  Once your child is in the car seat, with the poncho, open the top zipper a few inches, so that he or she can raise her hands and make sure they are still "there."  You can also fold the bottom of the poncho into his or her lap for the same effect.
  • Smooth the Transitions:  With kids of a certain age, any transition can be a minefield.  If you sense your child will resist leaving home or your current location, give him or her several minutes notice.  What some moms first thought was resistance to the poncho turned out to be resistance to the idea of any change or interruption whatsoever.Return to top.

7.    What is your return policy?
If you are not satisfied with your poncho(s), you may return them within 14 days of day of delivery, (per USPS) for exchange or refund of poncho purchase price.  Tags do not have to be attached, but ponchos must NOT have stains or spills, and must NOT been laundered.  Items received by H Barry Boo in these conditions will not qualify for refund.   Merchandise received as a gift is eligible for exchange only (as long as they have not been laundered and have no spills or stains). Shipping charges to return or exchange merchandise are the responsibility of the purchaser. For more details, view our Return Policy.  Return to FAQ.

8.   How can I buy by credit card?
After completing the initial checkout pages and clicking PAY NOW, you will be directed to review your order and specifying a payment method.  , SInce the Car Seat Poncho Store uses PayPal as a merchant processor, PayPal options are prominently displayed.  

To pay with your own credit card, click the option that says "Don't have a PayPal account?" or "Pay with Bill Me Later, Debit or Credit Card."  NOTE:  These options may be hard to find on your page.  For a reference picture, click here.  Return to FAQ.

9.   Can I send the Car Seat Poncho as a gift?
Yes! Whether for a newborn, a baby who's "graduating" to a convertible seat, or a birthday child, the Car Seat Poncho will always remind your loved ones how much you care.  It can be sent directly to your recipient or to you (US addresses only). 

To purchase and send a gift order:  Place your billing information in the BILLING section of the order process, and, in SHIPPING section, check the box labeled "Ship to a different address" and fill out the name and address of your recipient.  Also, if the child's name could be used for a boy or a girl, please indicate the gender of the gift recipient in the Gift Message space.  

If you have any questions or problems, feel free to call us at (866) 282-0751 between 10:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Return to FAQ.

10.   Do you ship to Canada or overseas?
At this time, we only ship to US addresses. We do have tenacious Canadian customers who have managed this by either: 
1.) having their orders sent to friend, relative, or colleague in the US, who would then forward the package, or 
2.) coinciding their order with an upcoming stateside visit, either by a spouse, friend or relative. 

While your billing address can be anywhere in the world (subject to credit card validation), our current policy is to ship to US addresses onlyOrders placed through the web site that are designated to ship to non-US addresses will be cancelled and refunded the next business day.  Return to FAQ.

11.   Any other important legal things I should know?
Yes: click here.  Return to FAQ.

If you have another question that is not addressed in this FAQ, please send us an email.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.
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